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News and Reviews for Grace, Flow and Ease
Readers' Comments:
Wonderful, uplifting and soul enriching. After reading this little book I feel empowered to take control of my stressed, struggling, harried self. This little gem of a book shows us a better, happier existence is available and attainable. We can actually choose to have a more peaceful life. The choice has always been there I guess but I just never knew how to bring it to me. Thank you authors. I want so much to live a more peaceful life where I allow and recognize the grace surrounding me. l totally loved the authors’ personal stories illuminating the, “wow moments” demonstrating the inner joy when we give ourselves to the spiritual flow of acceptance that things will be the way they are supposed to be. I will gift this book to family and friends to share in this treasure for the soul. H.B.

This book is a blessing. In it, the authors give examples of the many ways that Grace, Flow and Ease have blessed their lives. Then, they explain how Grace, Flow and Ease are available to all of us, how we create our own reality and how to open our lives to the blessings of Grace, Flow and Ease. Reading the steps each of us can take to open our lives to the blessings of Grace, Flow and Ease in the last chapter brought me a feeing of calm. I've been reading that chapter everyday to stay focused and to invite these abundant blessings into my life. V. Egar

Read the book. Love, love , love it.. when I got done I was wishing I could have sat down with Cheryl and Mary and just chatted the night away. I have loved the word Grace for a while now. Putting those three words I also had a very close call in 2013 in my car and feel I should not be here or very seriously hurt. When I think about the whole incident even now I don't know how I got out of the way. I play it through my head and even when I am at that same intersection I still can't figure how I got out of the way. Grace, God, Angel ... C. Asti
Based on years of experiencing the magic of Grace, Flow and Ease, the authors share wonderful, engaging stories in which they believe grace intervened and touched their lives. This book offers a life-altering perspective for a more powerful and satisfying life. Included are practical steps that one can begin to apply to their life instantly. We are again reminded of the simple pleasures and great riches that life holds for all of us. Let the miracles begin!